Mission Statement

P r e s e r v a t i o n * E d u c a t i o n * C o m m e m o r a t i o n

Seated Portrait Of General W.S. Hancock


Since our inception in 1995, the W.S. Hancock Society has concentrated our aim on these three objectives in relation to the life and legacy of Winfield Scott Hancock, Major General, USA. Our endeavors seek the preservation of any and all sites related to the General and his family preceding, during and subsequent to his lifetime. Through our use of interpretive history displays, lectures and programs, we account the chronicle of events that make up his narrative, as well as, his bearing on the events that shaped American history. In conjunction, it is equally important to cultivate an understanding of his ancestors that forged the individual and the times in which they lived. Yearly, in deference to the esteemed life of W.S. Hancock, we gather at his final resting place in Montgomery Cemetery, West Norriton Township, Pennsylvania and on East Cemetery Hill in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to pay tribute on Memorial and Remembrance Days. It is our pledge to pursue these endeavors accurately and with the dignity and honor befitting this great American.

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